Telemental Health Paperwork Packet

Implement Telehealth services into your private practice quickly with these pre-made documents and information.

The Telemental Health Paperwork Packet is a pre-made packet of documents and information that can be used to implement telehealth services into your private practice quickly.

This packet includes everything you need to get started with telehealth services in your private practice. 

Included in the packet:

  • TMH training options
  • What I use for video teleconferencing that follows HIPAA requirements
  • Access to the discussion board detailing my research on what modifier codes to use for which Minnesota insurance company and a link to all of the major Minnesota insurers Telemedicine Policy Manuals.
  • An example of the TMH Informed Consent document
  • Other clinical note documentation examples - documenting informed consent, emergency procedures, session documentation, inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Provider TMH Readiness Checklist
  • Provider TMH training and supervision log - protect yourself against liability issues by documenting your training and supervision.
  • Emergency Procedures example
  • Provider environment tips - how to set up your office
  • Provider information sheet to give to clients - includes your information, credentials, the protocol for contact in between sessions and in emergencies.
  • Client information sheet - to log local support person, nearest emergency room, local sheriff/police (required for crisis planning)
  • Client screen for telemental health - inclusion and exclusion criteria to document suitability.
  • Client Best Practices Fact Sheet - a handout to give to the client on how to set up their space to get the most out of each session, what to expect in a TMH session, from their therapist, and what is expected of them.
  • Client Technology Checklist - handout for clients regarding security, hardware, and software tips for a quick check to make sure their technology is suitable and secure for TMH sessions.

Easily edit all documents and customize them to fit your needs.

7 Lessons

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7 Lessons in Telemental Health Paperwork Packet:


An introduction to Telemental Health

Step 1: Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself for TMH

Step 2: Prepare your Process

Prepare your process

Step 3: Prepare your Clients

Step 3: Prepare your Clients

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TMH Policy and Procedure Manual

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